The Potential Signs of Subsidence

Subsidence is a common problem that many property owners in the UK have to deal with. Subsidence is simply when the ground that a property is built on is unstable. This often results in the property sinking into the ground, which causes structural damage amongst other problems.

It’s very possible that your property might be at risk of subsidence and you’re not aware of it. Many times people will only find out about subsidence when common signs start to appear. In order to help you assess if your property has subsidence or not, below are some of the potential warning signs.

  • Cracks on walls around door and window frames – This is a very common sign of subsidence and often the first thing that people notice. When your property starts to lean more in one direction, it causes strain on your walls and the plaster can easily begin to crack, especially around door and window frames.
  • Uneven floors – Another common sign of subsidence is if you notice your floors are uneven. This isn’t always a result of subsidence and can sometimes simply be due to poor construction.
  • Unexpected structural damage – If your property has sustained damaged, such as cracks in walls and there’s no obvious explanation as to why then subsidence could easily be the culprit.
  • Structure appears to lean more in one direction – If you notice that when you look at your property from the outside that it appears to lean more in one direction then this is very likely a result of subsidence. Leaning can also be caused by what’s known as ‘settlement’, which is caused by poor construction. Because of this you should always have your home surveyed by a professional to find out for sure.
  • Water starts running in wrong direction in sinks and’/or the bath – This is very often a sign of subsidence that’s a result of your property leaning in one direction more than the other.
  • Drains working poorly – Poorly functioning drains are another very common sign of subsidence in a property.
  • Chimney stack leaning or becoming damaged – Your property leaning also affects the integrity of your chimney and it’s not uncommon for chimney stacks to become damaged as a result of subsidence.


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