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What is Subsidence?

What exactly is subsidence and how does it occur?
A Guide to Subsidence Insurance
If your home suffers from subsidence then you may have difficulty getting it covered with a regular home insurance policy. Luckily there are specialist providers of subsidence insurance online who can offer you a policy for a very affordable price. Before getting quotes it’s a good idea to understand what the causes of subsidence as well as the tell tale signs.

What Causes Subsidence?

There are a few main causes of subsidence. These are –

  • Prolonged dry spells – The weather is a very big cause of subsidence. When there is a prolonged period of dry weather, this causes the soil beneath your house to become dry and cracked which makes it unstable
  • Large trees near the property – This ties into the above point since large trees need a lot of moisture. When they cannot get it, they extend their roots in search of water and can stretch underneath your home causing the ground to become unstable
  • Broken pipes – Broken pipes that leak into the soil around your house is another common cause of subsidence

What are the Signs?

There are several signs that your home might be suffering from subsidence. Some of these include –

  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Cracks appearing on interior walls
  • Rippling in wallpaper

These signs are often caused by subsidence but this is not always the case so you should have an expert survey your property to be certain.

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