Subsidence Home Insurance

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Subsidence is something that affects many properties across the UK. It can make it difficult to get home insurance for subsidence at an affordable price but luckily there are specialist providers of subsidence home insurance who can provide you with a policy at an affordable price. Below is an explanation of subsidence, its causes and how you can prevent it.

What is Subsidence

Subsidence is the term used to describe the foundations underneath a property becoming unstable resulting in a number of problems. These include the property becoming unstable cracks appearing around windows and doors. It is vital to treat subsidence swiftly because it usually gets worse over time. The main way to treat a property with subsidence is by having it underpinned. Underpinning is a method of inserting new foundations underneath the existing ones to make it more stable and less susceptible to subsidence in the future.

What Causes Subsidence?

There are a few main causes of subsidence and the need for subsidence insurance. One of the main ones is a combination of dry weather and large trees surrounding the property. The reason this causes subsidence and the need for house insurance for subsidence is because trees have very long roots and when there is no moisture in the ground they can extend beneath your home causing the soil there to crack and become unstable. Another common cause of subsidence is broken and leaking pipes. They can cause the soil beneath your home to become oversaturated and unstable.

How to Prevent Subsidence and Lower Subsidence Insurance

Below are some ways that you can prevent subsidence and limit any damage caused as a result –

  • Watch out for Overgrown Trees – They are one of the prime culprits of subsidence so you should have any trees that are overgrown cut back. This will go a long way to preventing the risk of subsidence.
  • Repair Leaking Pipes – If you have any broken pipes that are leaking at the side of your house then you must get them repaired ASAP to prevent the risk of subsidence.
  • Repair Any Cracks That Appear – Repairing cracks that appear in your home will not get to the root of the problem but it will limit any further damage.

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